Europe's whole beauty can be enjoyed at Prague. Forts, Minars, roads paved with stones  and many beautiful trees are seen at Prague. Each location at Prague looks like old Hollywood film locations which speaks the story of olden day Kingship. If the motor vehicles and the modern dressing style are erased from Prague, this place looks like an ancient city location. Even though many tourists visit this place is very neat and tidy. After Charles bridge the next important spot is Old town square.  The oldest Astronomical clock is located at Old square. Old town square is the main hub of tourists. It's surrounded by ancient European style buildings. Since it's always crowded by tourists, there are many street artists here. Prague inhabitants are proud about their heritage and it's known as Bhohimiyan heritage. Sunset and Sunrise view from Charles bridge is really beautiful to be watched and it can be enjoyed calmly by anyone who visits Europe. During summer season and during spring season all the European spots are really crowded and there will be long queue in front of all the tourist attractions. But during June July even at 9-10 there will be good day light and even Sun wouldn't set by that time. There are also disadvantages, Europe has almost the same climate as Turkey.. it's the speciality during autumn season.
When Turkey becomes like that during September October season Europe will be very beautiful. What I understood is during Autumn, all the tree leaves will turn yellow or red. Even fruits like apple and others fruits would fall onto the road. The temperature during this season has got adjustable climate. Prague will having mint conditioning during this time and the crowd would be less. Everyday from Wenceslas square there is walking tour at 10 am. If you can be there by 10am tomorrow, one with red umbrella can be seen. Otherwise with a yellow umbrella, he is the free tour guide. According to the company the color will change. This walk is a must at Prague. It will take 3 hours for the journey. During this 3 hour, you will be just viewing the place but you will also be studying Prague's history and about the land science. All who visit Prague should definitely see Prague castle. It's really huge   and beautiful.

The best tourist center in Prague,Europe

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