Kollimala is an ancient pilgrimage centre located at eastern part of mountain ranges. It's situated in Nammakkal District in Tamil Nadu. Recently it became a favourite tourist spot for even foreigners. The important attractions here are 70 hair pin curves, 1084 steps, Akasha Ganga Waterfall, Pineapple research centre and many other temples. Karivalli is the valley of Kollimala. From here there is almost 26 kilometres journey. In these 26km there are 70 hair pin curves. Travelling in this road in a bullet passing through each curve like a warrior gives a cheerful experience for the rider. The main feature to be mentioned here is the climate, clear atmosphere, cool enjoyable climate. Akasha Ganga is situated as a part of Ariyar river.
This Waterfall is mentioned in many Tamil manuscripts like Silapathugaram, Manimekalai, Puranamuru and Ainkurnuru. Almost 1084 steps has to be walked downhill to reach the Waterfall which is situated at a height of 300 feet. It's allowed to take take bath in it is it's another identity. Even though there are only 3 or 4 hair pin curves and the road is bit long compared to the other, it's much beautiful than the other road. If u enjoy a bullet ride enjoying the nature, you should definitely try this route once.

Kollimala in Nammakkal District Tamil Nadu

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