It's situated near Ellikkalkalle and it's sparsely inhabited by human beings. It's one of the most beautiful place in Kottayam. Almost 95% of the people who visit Ellikkal miss this beautiful spot. (It's both beautiful and dangerous). It's only 3km from Ellikkal kalle, but there are no sign boards directing to this Waterfall  which has still not seen plastics. From there a mountain has to walked downhill, almost 150 steps downhill, by crawling and by holding on to the tendrils. The Waterfall doesn't look like plastic cords but it simulates rainfall. The temperature is extremely cold which cause jaw jerking type of movements. The water is crystal clear and it's really cold. On the other side mountains can be seen covered with snow. It enjoy it's full beauty, this place has to be visited during rainy season itself. It's difficult for the ladies and children to visit this place. One of the most stunning scene was the presence of remnants of cemented steps with handrails. Who made it within this forest ? Even in Aathirapally there are no cemented steps. From Mechal it's bit difficult to locate this place, sometimes even the localities help has to be taken to reach the destination. Then the downhill and uphill journey poses bit difficulty.

Kattikayam Waterfall in Kottayam

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