Situated in Kodencherry at Kozhikode district. The word meaning of Thoosharagiri is snow covered hills. It's a very beautiful Waterfall. September to November is the best season to visit this place. Waterfall is strong during this season. The water falls in many layers over here. The two rivers that originates from western ghat join over here to form Chalipuzha. This river divides into three Waterfall and falls down like snow flakes. Because of this it's known as Thoosharagiri. Thenpara Waterfall is the tallest among the three waterfall, it has got a height of 75 metres. Various spices such as rubber, pepper, ginger and many other spices are grown here. It's the favourite spot for all seeking adventurous trip. Such adventurous trip seekers start the journey early in the morning from the second hill through the evergreen forest which lead to Vaithiri at Wayanad district by evening. Thoosharagiri is the best location to have a journey through the rocks and the waterfalls. There are two dams adjacent to this location. Rare varieties of 45 different types of butterflies are reported here. Travancore evening brown butterfly which was thought to extinct by almost 60years back still exist here.

Thoosharagiri Waterfall Kozhikkod

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