More than being a huge city Mangalore is also a place known for many beautiful locations. There are many tourist spots around the city... I'll include few places that I know in Mangalore.
It's a place close to Mangalore. It's almost 13km away from the Mangalore railway station. The origin of the name is from the Tigers that stayed in this area long ago. The meaning of the word Pili is Tiger and word for Kula is Lake. It's a Thulu word. Its believed that in olden days Tigers used to come over here to drink water from the Lake, thus Pilikula. It's a beautiful place. The boat ride through this lake is awesome. I addition to that there is a special area to take care of wild animals. Here the wild animals are not trapped into cages instead there are free to move around in an open location. There is also an attached Snake reserve. Recently Pilkula became famous through this Snake reserve. For the first time in world, King Cobra's egg was hatched here. The adjacent Manasa water Theme Park can also be  visited.
Mangalore beach is another beautiful location. It's very neat and tidy.
It's a place with lot of Hills and for has got lot of waterfalls and hills, since it has got the shape of a horse's face, it's known as Kuthremukh.
It's bit far from Mangalore. Many Forts and hills belong to this place.. It's known for Cardamom..many streams and waterfalls can be seen in this area. There are trains that go to Bangalore from here. At least once in life time this journey has to be enjoyed, with a lot of caves and bridges...Just beautiful.

The largest beautiful cities in Mangalore

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