Ponnanni is one of the oldest port in Kerala situated at Malappuram district. It's on the Arabian Sea shore. And it's the only port at Malappuram district. Ponnanni has got rich heritage to share. One day is not enough to watch the whole place. It's a village set up. Just like the scenery at Ponnanni, the like at Ponnanni is also colourful. Each street has got a lot of stories to share. The stories about selling to Arabians and to other foreigners. Each building over here tell a story about its long beautiful heritage. Biyyam backwaters. It's a beautiful backwater. Next destination is Ponnanni sea-port. It's site where the Nila and Ponnanni-Thiroor river join with the Sea. The Court is another eye blocking site during the journey to Estuary. Many offices including Ponnanni Education office are there on the way. There is another spot to be visited Ponnanni godown. It's the remains of old Ponnanni port. 65 years back Gujarat merchants build it. This building looks like a ghost house with all the tree roots grown into it. When the new Fort starts working it will become a history. As Fort is expanded allowing huge containers to come in the roads will also be expanded. It will also become a part of history. Not only the godown even the old buildings will become s history. Across the sea port there is boat service, the charge is Rs.10. Padinjarakara beach is also one of the beautiful beach in Kerala. The sunset through the kattadi trees is really beautiful to be watched.

The city of Kerala histories Ponnanni

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