From Chathanaloor through Vettillapara for almost 2km through forest road will lead to Odendapara. From there walking for almost 15-20 min through the grassy forest will lead to Odendapara which has the form of an Elephant with jewellery worn on it. Long back this place was the hub of wild animals. And in the valley many tribal families used to stay. Few people stay over here now. Later many farmer groups invaded this place which lead to the migration of wild animals from here. Now there are only wild Pigs, Jackals, rabbits, Peacocks and few others animals. Very Recently many came to know about this place.
On reaching the top of Odendapara, one will feel that their eyes are not enough to view all the scenic beauty which can be visualised from the top of the hill. On all four corners, there are mountains which are greenish in nature. The cool breeze that's there all through out the season. Sunset can be viewed and enjoyed from here. Sun sets by slowly moving downwards and then becomes a complete circle. In that circle, water can be seen as sea floating in it. Later it will be noticed that it has submerged into the sea. It's one of the most beautiful Sunset I have seen till now. At the same time, moon can be seen rising from the other corner. All these are seen, enjoyed and cherished. There are no more words to explain its beauty. Nature has blessed it and made it look like a bride. On all sides there are deep excavations, one has to be careful while travelling through towards Odendapara.

Odendapara Mountain Malappuram district Kerala

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