Madakeri is also known as the headquarters of Kudakke's central part. Britishers called this place Merakara which is famous because of the palaces and the fort. Important Government offices work in these buildings because of which it can be said that even now Kudak's palace plays a vital role in governing. Madakeri city is around the Madakeri Fort. Inside the fort there are two elephants graven images situated on one of its corner, Mahatma Gandhi Library and Maderi Jail. Visitors allowed between 10am to 5.30pm. Kudakke's beauty can be enjoyed from here. Standing in the beautiful garden inside enables one to enjoy Kudakke's natural beauty. The bluish sky that blends into the hills, the snow that flows over it, green paddy lands and the curved roads can all be enjoyed from here. This place is also known as Rajaseat since it was used by the Kings along with theirs queens during evenings. Even now there is the Mandapam (kings seat ) used by the Kings inside the garden. The visiting time for garden is from 5.30am to 8pm.
The palace situated on top of the mountains shouldn't be missed during the journey. This palace played a vital role during Kudakke's kingship. This palace was built by Drowda Veera Rajendra during 1792 while Tippu Sultan conquered Kudakke. Drowda Veera planned his war strategies while staying in this palace and he fought and won the war against Tippu Sultan. Chikka Veera Rajendra who was the last king in Kudakke also stayed in this palace during his final days. Waterfalls in Kudakk are not calm instead they seem to be aggressive in its flow. 9km from Madikeri will lead to Abbi waterfall. In Kudakke language Abbi means waterfall. The water from this waterfall flows at a high speed towards the forest area. A hanging bridge is constructed above the waterfall for the convenience of the tourist.

The ancient places and tourist centers in Karnataka

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