This place is very similar to Ooty but not as famous as Ooty. This place known as Switerland in Sindoa since Kotagiri has a climate familiar to Switzerland. Foreigners named this Indian Switzerland. This place is away from busy lifestyle of Ooty, blending into the nature. It's really beautiful to watch the early mornings in Kotagiri before the Sun rises as the snow slowly moves away. Arrival of different kinds of birds gives the signal of early morning. Sometimes it looks much prettier than Ooty especially when viewed in the Misty weather. It has many beautiful hills and viewpoints. In addition to that there are many vast tea plantations, surrounded by Kotagiri trekking Mountain areas.
Kotta tribal group inhabitants this area,because of which it got its name, another reason is because of the early morning mist( Kodamanje). Jayalalitha has got her summer stay house over here. In addition to Kodanadu viewpoint there are Catherine Waterfall and Rangaswamy peak which has attracted many tourist.
December to May us the best time to visit Kotagiri, during April the temperature will drop down to even 1 degree Celsius.

Natural and beautiful tourist center Kotagiri

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