Nelliampathi is located in Palakkad district . One of the most popular tourist center of the hills in Palakkad district of the capital at a distance of 60 km Nelliyampathi . Bharathapuzha , Chalakkudy , and a major catchment area of ​​the river Cauvery Nelliyampathi. Tea, coffee, cold climate of the famous gardens of the Nelliyampathi .
Nemmara is another area in Palakkad district. Nelliyampathi known alias of the Poor . Evergreen forest area of ​​82 square kilometers of Nelliyampathi .
Padagiri the tallest at a height of 1585.08 meters above sea level and is located in the Nelliyampathi . Living in cold weather with the day- to -priced cold weather in May and June from January to December. A lot of lives are in the early Nelliyampathi .

Nelliampathi Tourist center Palakkad, Kerala

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