To visit Lakshadeep, a Lakshadeepian Sponser is required, or else a travel agent has to be contacted, since only those who have a Lakshadeep permit can enter Lakshadeep. It will take at least one and a half months to get the permit. There is so much time lag and difficulty since its one of the smallest Union territory under Central Government and its a separate island group away from the main land. During the ship journey which might take one night in the sea, any permit holder has a chance to vomit, to avoid that emergency medicine to overcome vomiting has to be carried.
All those who enter the Island either through a Private agency or through a friend or through a Sponsor requires to report to the Police Station immediately after reaching the Island. As one walks through the narrow roads of Lakshadeep, the most attractive is the love showered by the inhabitants of Lakshadeep, they show the openness to invite strangers to eat lunch with them, to have tea etc. Don't ever refuse their invitations, because you will be missing one of the best moments in life from the most innocent people of Lakshadeep.

Most tourist attraction place Lakshadeep

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