The journey to Gundapetta via Muthemga gives a heavenly feeling for the traveler. Especially during the time period between July to September. During this time the floral gardens will be bloomed with different varieties of flowers, 212 National Highway passes through this area. After passing Wayanad and Bhadipood forest the next is the Madurai village situated in Gudalpetta Taluk.
The soft blowing cool breeze felt immediately after crossing the check post will give the signal to the human receptors that Gudalpetta has reached. It will be having the sweet smell of the flowers. Before starting to search for the source of the sweet favour of the flowers, the flower gardens will be eye locked on the either side of the National Highway. The flower beds are merged into the Nilgiri Hills. The staged appearance of the flower bed in different colors such as Orange by Chenthi flower and Yellow by the sunflower looks like delicate silk beds. This scenic beauty at the valley of mountain attracts anyone who passes by this area.

Beautiful flower agriculture Gudalpetta, Karnadaka

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