Arippara and Maripuzha are nature's gift situated in Kozhikode near Thiruvanmadi. It's approximately 11km from Thriruvanmadi and there are KSRTC devices via Pullurampara. Arripara is Eruvanji puzha's origin which merges with Chaliyar before reaching the Arabian Sea. The rocks in Arripara has a lot of specialties. The fresh water that flows through the rocks will attract everyone.
There are opportunities to take bath and to walk into the forest. Even Maripuzha which is Vallari hills entrance is very close to be visited for all those who visit Arripara. Marripuzha is almost 8km from Arripara. This route is really beautiful. To go to Vellari hills 3 days trekking time is needed from Marripuzha. The new route that is coming up to travel to Wayanad through Annapoyka-Meppadi road has given a lot hope for the inhabitants over here. There is return bus service from Marripuzha to Thiruvanmadi. Thiruvanmadi region is really beautiful. Arripara, Vellarimala, Annapoykayil, Muthenpuzha, Thusharagiri, Kakkadampoykayil, Urumi, Eruvanchipuzha, Kakkad - Vanaparvam, Poovaranthode and many other splendid places are situated here.

Arippara Waterfall and Maripuzha

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