Sixty-five million people are living with the sixth- largest metropolitan city in India, Hyderabad .In 1591, the establishment is in the city of Hyderabad, This city , the capital of Telangana , now known as the Pearl of the city. Musi River in Hyderabad city views .. The purpose is to reach out to youth work and non- IT higher education in all parts of the efforts of the country.
North and a variety of cultures and fields are in the middle of the city of South India .
Sixteen and seventeen centuries, the world is known as the place where they grew up at Hyderabad, where the best and most have heard of the name of the diamonds and pearls trade halved .Kohinoor diamond was mined from Guntur near the place of the most expensive in the world.
In many parts of Karnataka , Maharashtra and Hyderabad, re- organized the unification of the states of the former states of the country. Since the recent Telugu -speaking areas of Hyderabad city in Andhra Pradesh region of the uncompromising added In 2014, to become a part of the Andhra Pradesh state into Telangana and Hyderabad .
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in India is one of the most beautiful Maya airport in Shamshabad. The distance to the city airport is 30 km away.

The city 's cultural heritage Hyderabad

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