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Europe's whole beauty can be enjoyed at Prague. Forts, Minars, roads paved with stones  and many beautiful trees are seen at Prague. Each location at Prague looks like old Hollywood film locations which speaks the story of olden day Kingship. If the motor vehicles and the modern dressing style are erased from Prague, this place looks like an ancient city location. Even though many tourists visit this place is very neat and tidy. After Charles bridge the next important spot is Old town square.  The oldest Astronomical clock is located at Old square. Old town square is the main hub of tourists. It's surrounded by ancient European style buildings. Since it's always crowded by tourists, there are many street artists here. Prague inhabitants are proud about their heritage and it's known as Bhohimiyan heritage. Sunset and Sunrise view from Charles bridge is really beautiful to be watched and it can be enjoyed calmly by anyone who visits Europe. During summer season and during spring season all the European spots are really crowded and there will be long queue in front of all the tourist attractions. But during June July even at 9-10 there will be good day light and even Sun wouldn't set by that time. There are also disadvantages, Europe has almost the same climate as Turkey.. it's the speciality during autumn season.
When Turkey becomes like that during September October season Europe will be very beautiful. What I understood is during Autumn, all the tree leaves will turn yellow or red. Even fruits like apple and others fruits would fall onto the road. The temperature during this season has got adjustable climate. Prague will having mint conditioning during this time and the crowd would be less. Everyday from Wenceslas square there is walking tour at 10 am. If you can be there by 10am tomorrow, one with red umbrella can be seen. Otherwise with a yellow umbrella, he is the free tour guide. According to the company the color will change. This walk is a must at Prague. It will take 3 hours for the journey. During this 3 hour, you will be just viewing the place but you will also be studying Prague's history and about the land science. All who visit Prague should definitely see Prague castle. It's really huge   and beautiful.

The best tourist center in Prague,Europe

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Bhutan is a small country situated between India and China towards south side of Himalaya. Mountain peaks beyond eyesight, Blue Pine trees, many small streams and few land areas occupied by people here and there, this is Bhutan. Beyond that it's the land of rich culture and faith. It has got a long history of Jainism left out for the travellers to enjoy. It's one of the few countries that's not yet influenced by the European modernism. They have a unique set of culture for their dressing style, house construction and in their eating habits. Till 1960 it was a country separated from other countries. Jawaharlal Nehru had visited  this country on top of Yak when it was not yet developed. From that time a good relationship was established. Even then foreigners had a lot of restriction to visit this country. Only from 1974 foreign tourist were entertained.
The land of Buddhism origin even now got a restriction for tourist except Indians, other foreign nationalities has to wait many years to get the visa. To stay in Bhutan for one day, 200 Dollar has to be paid towards the government which comes up to 9000 Indian Rupees. But Indians are exempted from all these restrictions. For Indians even passport is not required, electoral identity card or ration card is required. Few visitors more income is Bhutans tourism motto. They are very particular that tourism shouldn't disrupt their culture by any means that's reason for restriction for travellers. From India to Bhutan there is an old route through Silighud in Bengal. From Kerala this is the easiest route and it's the cheapest route too. The flight journey from Delhi and Kolkatta is bit costly. Dhrukh Airways, the official Bhutan Airways is the only flight service to the one and only International Airport,Paro Airport in Bhutan. It's an airport situated in between huge Mountain peaks. It's one of the most dangerous airport in the world. The landing and take off is a memorable experience. There is not much distance between the flight wings and mountains during landing and take off. It will give a scary and thrilling experience for the passengers. Only experienced pilots are allowed over here. Another beautiful moment is the view of Everest mountain top and Kaghan Jhanga. The tallest mountains are always covered with white snow flakes. From Paro, Thimphu the capital city is almost 45km. The narrow roads crossed through numerous huge mountains.
The journey through the mountains is bit risky because of rock fall that can be expected any time during the journey. If lucky it can be viewed live. Thimphu is a small city with less than 1 Lakh people inhabitants. Narrow and beautiful roads. Trees full of flowers are seen everywhere. Trading markets are not spoiled with any kind of advertisements. Even in front of shops there are only small boards. All have same specified size, colour and font. All these are specified by the government. Buildings constructed according to Bhutan's architecture is allowed. Phanuying roofing system is used over here. In Kerala Bhutan relates us to Bhutan Lottery case. But in Bhutan when the flaws were pointed out it was stopped. Agriculture is the main means of survival. And they earn income by selling the Himalaya river water for electricity. The developments in Bhutan sets a good example for other countries now. Without wearing the ethnic wear of the country, Bhutanese  are not allowed in government offices and other official centres. Foreigners has to wear formal dress to attend official meetings. If one enters government offices wearing T shirt and Jeans, Police will arrest them and fine will be charged. Means of conveyance is bit odd. The only public means of transport is by small buses. All those who don't have a resident permit has to get transport authority's permission to travel around. Then the seat has to be booked. Only seated journey is allowed in the bus. Since the roads are dangerous only during morning hours journey is allowed. Because of these reasons the tickets has to be booked a day prior to the journey.

Small and Beautiful country Bhutan

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 Punaloor hanging bridge is situated in Kollam district and it build over Kallada river. It was opened during the time of Thiruvathamkoor Ayillom King. In 1871 the Devan Nanupilla gave the permission to build the hanging bridge. By 1877 the construction was over. In 1880 it was opened for the public conveyance. In south India it was the first such initiative. This proposal came up while Ayillom Thirunal Ramavarma reigned, the Devan Nanupilla assigned this to Engineer Albert Henry. The worked completed by 1871 and it established stable trading with Tamil Nadu. Kallada river seems like a calm river but it has got heavy water flow underneath because of which normal bridges cannot be constructed here and the proposal of hanging bridge came up. It's hung on two heavy chains which are attached to the two ends of heavy blocks on either side of the river. The ends of the chains are linked to the four wells situated in the river bank, in addition to that the middle portion is also linked to the river bank. Teak wooden platforms are railed to the chains over which vehicles cross over.
The 20 inches wide and 400 inches long hanging bridge established a stable trading business with Tamil Nadu, many traders came and settled in Punaloor and the Tamil culture got more inculcated over there.
In 1970 the vehicle transportation was prohibited and from 1990 the government has taken over it as a heritage monument.
 Almost after a decade, Punaloor hanging bridge is revived. 1.35 Crores was invested into it to revive it. It's open now and since wednesday it's overflowing with visitors.
Avoiding the Concrete bridge, many kids preferred to walk over the hanging bridge. Even at midnight there were many visitors to visit and to capture images.
To reach Punaloor -
It's an important city in Kollam district very close to Tamil Nadu. From Kollam district it's almost 45km, from Trivandrum district it is 65km and from Pathanamthitta district its 50km.
The highway which connects Tamil Nadu is NH 220 and it's almost 265km. It starts from Kollam and passes through Punaloor. From here Kayamkulam, Kulathoorpuzha and Trivandrum state highways pass through. The important places near Punaloor are Kottarakara, Angal, Kulathoorpuzha, Pathanapuram and Adoor.

Famous and big bridge in Punaloor, Kollam

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Being able to stay inside a forest, that too with your family. Have you ever thought about such an experience? Well then here's the perfect place for you to visit. Travel 18 km from thodupuzha via Idukki road and you'll reach karimannur. Take a right and then travel 9 more kilometers to reach Thommankuthu ecotourism park. The darkness, effect of a dense forest and the clicking of beetles gives you the perfect experience.
It's just Rs 20 for the entrance ticket per person. There's almost a kilometer of this place for you to walk around. It also houses 3 beautiful waterfalls and plentiful rivers that are perfect for taking a nice, cold dip.

Famous waterfall in Thommankuthu Thodupuzha

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Situated in Kodencherry at Kozhikode district. The word meaning of Thoosharagiri is snow covered hills. It's a very beautiful Waterfall. September to November is the best season to visit this place. Waterfall is strong during this season. The water falls in many layers over here. The two rivers that originates from western ghat join over here to form Chalipuzha. This river divides into three Waterfall and falls down like snow flakes. Because of this it's known as Thoosharagiri. Thenpara Waterfall is the tallest among the three waterfall, it has got a height of 75 metres. Various spices such as rubber, pepper, ginger and many other spices are grown here. It's the favourite spot for all seeking adventurous trip. Such adventurous trip seekers start the journey early in the morning from the second hill through the evergreen forest which lead to Vaithiri at Wayanad district by evening. Thoosharagiri is the best location to have a journey through the rocks and the waterfalls. There are two dams adjacent to this location. Rare varieties of 45 different types of butterflies are reported here. Travancore evening brown butterfly which was thought to extinct by almost 60years back still exist here.

Thoosharagiri Waterfall Kozhikkod

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 Pizhala is a land surrounded by Periyar river. It's also known as the ruling centre of Kadamakudi panchayat which is well known for the Kochi inhabitants. The flood that occurred in Periyar river in 1341 AD resulted in the formation of these land. During that flood Musaris the ancient port city became not amenable for transport conveyance. Otherwise it would have developed like Kodugaloor Kochi.
 Pizhala is connected by many Ferry services which includes Valiyakadamakuddi, Cheriyakadamakudi, Murikkal, Puthusherry, Palyamthuruth, Chariyomthuruth, Moolampilli, Chennur, Kothanadu, Kandanadu, Karikkadu all together 14 islands.  From Paravoor through Chathanadu crossing the Ferry Kadamakudi can be reached. Here bridge construction is also going on. But here only small cars and small vehicles are allowed through the Ferry. Through Container road and through Moolapalli also leads to Pizhali. During busy days Jeep like vehicles has wait a long time to be transported through the Ferry. Most the Ferry has got less loading capacity. After crossing Pizhala on reaching Moolampilli and after crossing one more Ferry it will lead to Container road. From here one can travel to Kochi and Paravoor .
During rainy season even though it doesn't cause scary situations still it depicts the life people in islands. Pokkali cultivation and the people who were doing it can still be viewed here even though it's not upto the old essence. It's one of main tourist spots in Kerala.

Pizhala island near periyar river Eranakulam

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Ponnanni is one of the oldest port in Kerala situated at Malappuram district. It's on the Arabian Sea shore. And it's the only port at Malappuram district. Ponnanni has got rich heritage to share. One day is not enough to watch the whole place. It's a village set up. Just like the scenery at Ponnanni, the like at Ponnanni is also colourful. Each street has got a lot of stories to share. The stories about selling to Arabians and to other foreigners. Each building over here tell a story about its long beautiful heritage. Biyyam backwaters. It's a beautiful backwater. Next destination is Ponnanni sea-port. It's site where the Nila and Ponnanni-Thiroor river join with the Sea. The Court is another eye blocking site during the journey to Estuary. Many offices including Ponnanni Education office are there on the way. There is another spot to be visited Ponnanni godown. It's the remains of old Ponnanni port. 65 years back Gujarat merchants build it. This building looks like a ghost house with all the tree roots grown into it. When the new Fort starts working it will become a history. As Fort is expanded allowing huge containers to come in the roads will also be expanded. It will also become a part of history. Not only the godown even the old buildings will become s history. Across the sea port there is boat service, the charge is Rs.10. Padinjarakara beach is also one of the beautiful beach in Kerala. The sunset through the kattadi trees is really beautiful to be watched.

The city of Kerala histories Ponnanni

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From Chathanaloor through Vettillapara for almost 2km through forest road will lead to Odendapara. From there walking for almost 15-20 min through the grassy forest will lead to Odendapara which has the form of an Elephant with jewellery worn on it. Long back this place was the hub of wild animals. And in the valley many tribal families used to stay. Few people stay over here now. Later many farmer groups invaded this place which lead to the migration of wild animals from here. Now there are only wild Pigs, Jackals, rabbits, Peacocks and few others animals. Very Recently many came to know about this place.
On reaching the top of Odendapara, one will feel that their eyes are not enough to view all the scenic beauty which can be visualised from the top of the hill. On all four corners, there are mountains which are greenish in nature. The cool breeze that's there all through out the season. Sunset can be viewed and enjoyed from here. Sun sets by slowly moving downwards and then becomes a complete circle. In that circle, water can be seen as sea floating in it. Later it will be noticed that it has submerged into the sea. It's one of the most beautiful Sunset I have seen till now. At the same time, moon can be seen rising from the other corner. All these are seen, enjoyed and cherished. There are no more words to explain its beauty. Nature has blessed it and made it look like a bride. On all sides there are deep excavations, one has to be careful while travelling through towards Odendapara.

Odendapara Mountain Malappuram district Kerala

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More than being a huge city Mangalore is also a place known for many beautiful locations. There are many tourist spots around the city... I'll include few places that I know in Mangalore.
It's a place close to Mangalore. It's almost 13km away from the Mangalore railway station. The origin of the name is from the Tigers that stayed in this area long ago. The meaning of the word Pili is Tiger and word for Kula is Lake. It's a Thulu word. Its believed that in olden days Tigers used to come over here to drink water from the Lake, thus Pilikula. It's a beautiful place. The boat ride through this lake is awesome. I addition to that there is a special area to take care of wild animals. Here the wild animals are not trapped into cages instead there are free to move around in an open location. There is also an attached Snake reserve. Recently Pilkula became famous through this Snake reserve. For the first time in world, King Cobra's egg was hatched here. The adjacent Manasa water Theme Park can also be  visited.
Mangalore beach is another beautiful location. It's very neat and tidy.
It's a place with lot of Hills and for has got lot of waterfalls and hills, since it has got the shape of a horse's face, it's known as Kuthremukh.
It's bit far from Mangalore. Many Forts and hills belong to this place.. It's known for Cardamom..many streams and waterfalls can be seen in this area. There are trains that go to Bangalore from here. At least once in life time this journey has to be enjoyed, with a lot of caves and bridges...Just beautiful.

The largest beautiful cities in Mangalore

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This place is very similar to Ooty but not as famous as Ooty. This place known as Switerland in Sindoa since Kotagiri has a climate familiar to Switzerland. Foreigners named this Indian Switzerland. This place is away from busy lifestyle of Ooty, blending into the nature. It's really beautiful to watch the early mornings in Kotagiri before the Sun rises as the snow slowly moves away. Arrival of different kinds of birds gives the signal of early morning. Sometimes it looks much prettier than Ooty especially when viewed in the Misty weather. It has many beautiful hills and viewpoints. In addition to that there are many vast tea plantations, surrounded by Kotagiri trekking Mountain areas.
Kotta tribal group inhabitants this area,because of which it got its name, another reason is because of the early morning mist( Kodamanje). Jayalalitha has got her summer stay house over here. In addition to Kodanadu viewpoint there are Catherine Waterfall and Rangaswamy peak which has attracted many tourist.
December to May us the best time to visit Kotagiri, during April the temperature will drop down to even 1 degree Celsius.

Natural and beautiful tourist center Kotagiri

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Madakeri is also known as the headquarters of Kudakke's central part. Britishers called this place Merakara which is famous because of the palaces and the fort. Important Government offices work in these buildings because of which it can be said that even now Kudak's palace plays a vital role in governing. Madakeri city is around the Madakeri Fort. Inside the fort there are two elephants graven images situated on one of its corner, Mahatma Gandhi Library and Maderi Jail. Visitors allowed between 10am to 5.30pm. Kudakke's beauty can be enjoyed from here. Standing in the beautiful garden inside enables one to enjoy Kudakke's natural beauty. The bluish sky that blends into the hills, the snow that flows over it, green paddy lands and the curved roads can all be enjoyed from here. This place is also known as Rajaseat since it was used by the Kings along with theirs queens during evenings. Even now there is the Mandapam (kings seat ) used by the Kings inside the garden. The visiting time for garden is from 5.30am to 8pm.
The palace situated on top of the mountains shouldn't be missed during the journey. This palace played a vital role during Kudakke's kingship. This palace was built by Drowda Veera Rajendra during 1792 while Tippu Sultan conquered Kudakke. Drowda Veera planned his war strategies while staying in this palace and he fought and won the war against Tippu Sultan. Chikka Veera Rajendra who was the last king in Kudakke also stayed in this palace during his final days. Waterfalls in Kudakk are not calm instead they seem to be aggressive in its flow. 9km from Madikeri will lead to Abbi waterfall. In Kudakke language Abbi means waterfall. The water from this waterfall flows at a high speed towards the forest area. A hanging bridge is constructed above the waterfall for the convenience of the tourist.

The ancient places and tourist centers in Karnataka

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From Delhi, Shimla can be reached by car, bus or through train. If it's by Car it almost 360km, direct buses are also there from Delhi Kashmir Bus gate AC and Air buses. If travelling to Shimla train is the best. Kalkka Shimla train route which 96km gives a different experience. In 2008 UNESCO has accepted it as World Heritage area. The other train routes that are included in UNESCO are Dargling Mountain roads, Nilgiri(Ooty) mountain roads and Chathrapthi Shivaji Terminus. The box like compartments are small in size and all those who have height might hurt their head. The train passes through 102 Tunnels, 864 bridges and 919 huge turnings. In-between the hills there are small small railways stations, valleys which extend beyond eye sight.. It will give a refreshing and enjoyable journey experience. Most of the time the trains speed will be low, we can also start walking along with the train. Sitting at the door, moving out of train, plucking fruits and seeds from nearby trees the journey can be continued. In between while entering tunnel, it will be scary initially, later it will also be an enjoyable experience. It takes almost 5hrs to travel through 96km. Shimla is almost 7000km above sea level as part of Himalaya. It's known as Mountains Queen. On one side of the road there is high mountains and on the other low lying areas. Shops and house are build after constructing huge polls. All those houses that are constructed in the valley has got slabs that extends from the road. Car has to be parked on the roof and then walked down to the house.

Beautiful tourist attraction places in Shimla and Delhi

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The route where in nature has showered its beauty with misty snow, silent hills that is filled with the aroma of Cardamom and Tea. That's Kottayom-Kumaly road, also known as KK road. William Blake has said that when human being beings and mountains meet many mysteries happen, this road is the biggest example for that. This Gods Own path has got a lot of stories to tell and show. This is one of most travelled route by tourist who visit Kerala.
It's the dream place by Tourist. It took almost 4 years to complete the road from Kottayam to Mundakayam. Later it to took 4 more years to include kuttukanom, Peerimedu. To make road through this area clearing rocks, hills etc required almost 2000 labourers per day. Today's Ponnkunnom was full of snakes and forest.
When the labourers showed reluctancy to continue with the work, the British officials incorporated a scheme which included gifting the lucky worker with a gold coin. Later that place became Ponnkunom meaning hill of gold. This road has a lot scenic beauty to present. In Kottayam -Kumaly Road (NH 220), after covering almost 62 km from Kottayam, a deviation to almost 7km towards right side leads to the first view point that's Panjalimedu. From Panjalimedu it's better to travel through Valliyom Kavu estate to Mundakayom road. Since that road is a steep downhill, the journey will be comfortable. But it will be the vice versa if one decides to travel to Panjalimedu, it will be an exhausting journey. After passing 7km, the next spot is Vallaganom waterfall, this is situated on the way to Kuttikanom. During rainy season this waterfall will be full and while summer it will be totally dry. It originates from Kuttikanom Hill tops. Special concrete platforms are created for all the tourist who wants to take bath. This is one of the main attraction during KK Road journey. It's also known as Murinjapuzha & Ninnumullipara. Since there are a lot of small shops and tea shops in this road, it's a usual harbour place for all those regularing travelling through this road.

Beautiful nature tourist center in Kottayom

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Arippara and Maripuzha are nature's gift situated in Kozhikode near Thiruvanmadi. It's approximately 11km from Thriruvanmadi and there are KSRTC devices via Pullurampara. Arripara is Eruvanji puzha's origin which merges with Chaliyar before reaching the Arabian Sea. The rocks in Arripara has a lot of specialties. The fresh water that flows through the rocks will attract everyone.
There are opportunities to take bath and to walk into the forest. Even Maripuzha which is Vallari hills entrance is very close to be visited for all those who visit Arripara. Marripuzha is almost 8km from Arripara. This route is really beautiful. To go to Vellari hills 3 days trekking time is needed from Marripuzha. The new route that is coming up to travel to Wayanad through Annapoyka-Meppadi road has given a lot hope for the inhabitants over here. There is return bus service from Marripuzha to Thiruvanmadi. Thiruvanmadi region is really beautiful. Arripara, Vellarimala, Annapoykayil, Muthenpuzha, Thusharagiri, Kakkadampoykayil, Urumi, Eruvanchipuzha, Kakkad - Vanaparvam, Poovaranthode and many other splendid places are situated here.

Arippara Waterfall and Maripuzha

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Rajamala is along the Munnar-udumalpet NH-49 road at a distance of 15km from Munnar town.Rajamala comes under the Eravikulam national park where visitors are permitted. Eravikulam vast around 97 sq km area. In 1975 Eravikulam was declared as a wildlife sanctuary and in 1978 it was upgraded to National park.
There are so many species of flora and fauna.The extinct varayadu ( Nilgiri tahr ) can be also found here.The World's half of the Nilgiri tahr is here now. The flower  that blooms only once in a 12-year cycle - Neelakurinji is also a speciality of  Rajamala. South India's highest peak anamudi is also located here. After parking your vehicle near the ticket counter area you should travel by bus for 20 minutes to reach the buffer zone.Tourists are permitted to go around 2 km from there.In Order to get the bus tickets, a huge crowd is usually felt . Entry time is from 7:30 to 16:00.  Tourists are not allowed during the march and February.

Rajamala Natural place in Idukki district

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 Ladakh, land of high passes is a region in Jammu and Kashmir that extends between two mountain groups Himalaya and Kunlum mountain ranges. District Leh is one of the drean destination of many and it is located at a distance of 434 km from Srinagar and 474 km from Manali. Leh district is an area of 45,000 sq km and it is the largest district in the country. Ladakh is a very beautiful and famous tourist center in India.
 Topographically, the whole of the district is mountanious with 3 parallel ranges of the Himalaya, the Zanskar, the Ladakh, and the Karakoram. Between the river, the shayok, Indus and Zanskar river flow and most of the population lives in the valleys of the river. It is one of the sparsely populated regions in Jammu Kashmir and its culture and history are closely related to that of Tibet. By road there are 2 routes to reach Leh. From Srinagar travel is open to tourist visiting place from June to November. Manali - Leh road is open from July to October.
Leh-Manali highway is one of the most popular among the bike riders as the road involves crossing many very challenging and high mountain passes. It accessible only from late May to early October as during winter high mountain passes will be covered by heavy snowfalls. There is one airport in Leh, from where there are daily flights to Delhi and weekly flights to Srinagar and Jammu Kashmir. Leh is backpackers haven with numerous trekking trails, valleys, picturesque lakes. Leh is renowned as the land of monks and monastries. There is a lot to see in this amazing piece of land. Ladakh is where you will see life come to a standhill and witness a true communion with nature. The stillness of this place can make anyone go nostalgic.

Ladakh Jammu kashmir tourist center

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The journey to Gundapetta via Muthemga gives a heavenly feeling for the traveler. Especially during the time period between July to September. During this time the floral gardens will be bloomed with different varieties of flowers, 212 National Highway passes through this area. After passing Wayanad and Bhadipood forest the next is the Madurai village situated in Gudalpetta Taluk.
The soft blowing cool breeze felt immediately after crossing the check post will give the signal to the human receptors that Gudalpetta has reached. It will be having the sweet smell of the flowers. Before starting to search for the source of the sweet favour of the flowers, the flower gardens will be eye locked on the either side of the National Highway. The flower beds are merged into the Nilgiri Hills. The staged appearance of the flower bed in different colors such as Orange by Chenthi flower and Yellow by the sunflower looks like delicate silk beds. This scenic beauty at the valley of mountain attracts anyone who passes by this area.

Beautiful flower agriculture Gudalpetta, Karnadaka

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To visit Lakshadeep, a Lakshadeepian Sponser is required, or else a travel agent has to be contacted, since only those who have a Lakshadeep permit can enter Lakshadeep. It will take at least one and a half months to get the permit. There is so much time lag and difficulty since its one of the smallest Union territory under Central Government and its a separate island group away from the main land. During the ship journey which might take one night in the sea, any permit holder has a chance to vomit, to avoid that emergency medicine to overcome vomiting has to be carried.
All those who enter the Island either through a Private agency or through a friend or through a Sponsor requires to report to the Police Station immediately after reaching the Island. As one walks through the narrow roads of Lakshadeep, the most attractive is the love showered by the inhabitants of Lakshadeep, they show the openness to invite strangers to eat lunch with them, to have tea etc. Don't ever refuse their invitations, because you will be missing one of the best moments in life from the most innocent people of Lakshadeep.

Most tourist attraction place Lakshadeep

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The place is located in the district of Tamil Nadu, Theni meghamalai . You must book in advance to visit for tourists coming to this area here . And accommodation and food is available here . It's crowded in here for holidays. Because of the special vehicle at the top of the hill , tourists are here in this area .
The panchayat is too beautiful views from the House of the elites . Meghamalai natural beauty is an important area of ​​tourist centers . This area is full of hills and tea plantations. The main attraction of the dams in the tea gardens. At a distance of 80 km from Kumily here. There are 164 km from Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, about 170 km from here . Most of the tourists come here in Kerala is a popular tourist destination .

Meghamalai Theni district, Thamil nadu

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Nelliampathi is located in Palakkad district . One of the most popular tourist center of the hills in Palakkad district of the capital at a distance of 60 km Nelliyampathi . Bharathapuzha , Chalakkudy , and a major catchment area of ​​the river Cauvery Nelliyampathi. Tea, coffee, cold climate of the famous gardens of the Nelliyampathi .
Nemmara is another area in Palakkad district. Nelliyampathi known alias of the Poor . Evergreen forest area of ​​82 square kilometers of Nelliyampathi .
Padagiri the tallest at a height of 1585.08 meters above sea level and is located in the Nelliyampathi . Living in cold weather with the day- to -priced cold weather in May and June from January to December. A lot of lives are in the early Nelliyampathi .

Nelliampathi Tourist center Palakkad, Kerala

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The mountain is located in the Malappuram district of Areekode . Vettilappara, Odakkayam and other important places in Malappuram district . The hill is located at an altitude of about 600 meters from the sea . Waterfall , located at the bottom of the mountain is famous in Kerala are Kollam kolli .
This is a very dangerous waterfall . And went on to climb to the top of the mountain can be . It should be about the time to reach the top of the hour and a half . A lot of people who live in the bottom of the mountain colonies .
Ascend to the top of the hill, you can see the most beautiful views . So, this hill is one of the major tourist attractions in the Malappuram district of Kerala tourism .

Kollam Kolli mountain Malappuram tourist center

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 Sixty-five million people are living with the sixth- largest metropolitan city in India, Hyderabad .In 1591, the establishment is in the city of Hyderabad, This city , the capital of Telangana , now known as the Pearl of the city. Musi River in Hyderabad city views .. The purpose is to reach out to youth work and non- IT higher education in all parts of the efforts of the country.
North and a variety of cultures and fields are in the middle of the city of South India .
Sixteen and seventeen centuries, the world is known as the place where they grew up at Hyderabad, where the best and most have heard of the name of the diamonds and pearls trade halved .Kohinoor diamond was mined from Guntur near the place of the most expensive in the world.
In many parts of Karnataka , Maharashtra and Hyderabad, re- organized the unification of the states of the former states of the country. Since the recent Telugu -speaking areas of Hyderabad city in Andhra Pradesh region of the uncompromising added In 2014, to become a part of the Andhra Pradesh state into Telangana and Hyderabad .
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in India is one of the most beautiful Maya airport in Shamshabad. The distance to the city airport is 30 km away.

The city 's cultural heritage Hyderabad

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 The north- eastern part of the African country of Tanzania and Zanzibar is a special place for himself vassal.
Unguja, that many of the small islands and two large islands , called the pemba Zanzibar . On the Tanzanian shore of the great sea, 30 km away. Min . The location of the Sea islands These areas of the city with beautiful beaches .
We Tanzania 's status as a separate part of the country .20,000 years ago, is the oldest area of ​​the Zanzibar culture to live with humans .
Zanzibar prevailing in a particular state at a time , and then across Tanzania 's Zanzibar today , but did not want to be known , is a self- governing country in the world. Unguja Zanzibar City Zanzibar , the island 's capital . The old city , known as " Stone City " belonging to at Zanzibar City, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage city .
Grand Prix , nutmeg , cinnamon and many of the crops are grown in Zanzibar found in the state. This is , by itself , Zanzibar is known as the " Land of spices ." Zanzibar is also the tourist paradise of natural beauty . The tourist trade and agriculture is the mass of spices, Zanzibar 's main source of income .
Many animal creatures , found only here in the residential center of Zanzibar . The members of the animal world, the Red Colombo Zanzibar , Zanzibar leopard , and more.

Zanzibar island beautiful tourist center

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Best palaces in Singapore

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